Be Happy Again, Mama!

without sacrifice

or guilt

... in just 12 weeks!

Be Happy Again, Mama!

without the sacrifice or guilt ... in just 12 weeks!

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Hi, I'm Monica Lopera Nassar, and
here's what I'd like to share with you...


Being a Thriving Mama is about rewriting your motherhood to FEEL GOOD again!

Discover a better way to having more energy, better sleep and more clarity so you can create a thriving mamahood that supports your dreams while still raising happy healthy little humans! 

The Right From the Start™ Method gives you freedom and flexibility.

Start feeling your best today with the Right From the Start™ LIVE 12-Week Transformative Program. 

When you learn how to activate your brain power to create unstoppable habits, change is not only possible but permanent. No more second guessing, no more short term solutions. 

Discover a better way. 

The secret to becoming a thriving mama has been kept from you until now.

It is actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy and step by step habit building, you will see results that last a lifetime! This program is unlike anything you may have tried before.

Fuel Your Plate

When you discover ingredients that make you feel amazing everyday, you will love how easy it becomes to reach any personal or business goals! Here’s what you’re going to discover:

➔ How to use food as fuel to give you energy, improve your productivity & performance.
➔ How to fuel your body properly and never diet or question what to eat again.

Fuel Your Habits

Your life is already a series of habits. After you discover how to permanently shift your habits you’ll achieve permanent and consistent results. You will realize:

➔ The patterns hidden behind your daily thoughts and how they can derail your success in both business and at home.
➔ How to leverage the power of your words to create the identity of a Thriving Mompreneur.

Fuel Your Family

After achieving your personal habit and mindset goals, bridge the gap to create a blissful home while growing your business. You are going to discover:

➔ How to use habit based parenting to help create a harmonious home environment
➔ How to lead by example to get your family to naturally adopt new habits with zero effort or resistance.

Jodi L.(Psychotherapist, Mother of 3)

"Monica understands the realistic demands and challenges of motherhood and takes that into account when working with you. She is relatable, honest, smart, and passionate about her work." 

Elizabeth S. (Mompreneur of two boys under 7)

“I struggled with intense mom guilt that kept me stuck! Monica has helped me to finally step into the mama I have always wanted to be and can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't!  I have the confidence to go all in building a business from home while homeschooling a 6 yo and nursing my 6 month old too!"

Would you like to:

  • Not feel guilty that your little ones aren’t getting quality time with you?
  • Stop doubting the possibility of having a successful business while raising little humans?
  • Feel vibrant, happy and refreshed every day without the need for coffee or sugar to get you through the day? 
  • Make up with your kitchen every day without the need for coffee or sugar to get you through the day?
  • Stop putting your emotional and mental health on the back burner?
If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here.  You see, as a mama with a young family, I’ve personally walked down this road, too. I also believed it was impossible to be happy, whole and complete when raising little ones while building a thriving business. But that’s simply not true.

Want to know why it feels impossible or too hard to make changes when raising little humans and building a business?

Because you have been willing your way to make changes.

This is a losing strategy because:

➔ You are using the wrong brain tactic when adopting a new behavior or change which leads to frustration and defaulting back to old patterns

➔ You are not addressing the core issue that drives constant action towards results

➔ You have been conditioned to believe that you can put “big changes” off to a better time when the kids are older

➔ You lack clarity on your vision for both your motherhood and how it can support your drive in your business

This program gets amazing results because:

➔ You will FINALLY learn how the brain works and how to leverage your brain power to help you create permanent change

➔You will embody what it means to fully love and accept yourself as both women and mother

➔ You will learn how to use your power of influence and habit building strategies to make parenting easier and more intuitive because you know that this is the golden time for your kids to effortlessly adopt new changes

➔ You will crystal clear about who you are, what you value and how this can unlock the roadblocks standing in your way of success

Liz H (Mompreneur, mother of 2 under 7)

“Monica has introduced me to healthy habits that targeted specific health goals. Important goals for living a healthy, long life for me AND my growing family. Knowing what I know now- well, let's just say, I wish my own Mama had a Monica to turn to! If one word could be used to persuade my family, fellow comrades or friends I have not met yet; it would be "Trust." Working with Monica, I have learned to trust in myself, trust my instincts and I've certainly learned that I can trust in her expertise.”

And what about the 3 common myths that
will keep you from building a thriving business and motherhood:

You have to put yourself LAST to feel like a good mama.

This actually hurts your child because you are modeling a habit that everyone else matters more than taking care of yourself.

If you simply work harder,  you’ll achieve success.

You may or may not realize that its not your effort that creates your desired outcomes. Habits are what make up your life so when you learn how to make unstoppable habits run on auto pilot, you will wonder why you hadn’t learn about habit building sooner! 

There's only one way to parent and that it's all about survival mode. 

This myth dominates "mom culture" and is common topic among most mom circles.  Survival mode is not sustainable, not a great way to model proper lifestyle to our kids and has deep impact on your mental and emotional well-being.  

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • You wake up feeling well-rested, with energy that lasts the whole day.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem support your ability to prioritize yourself first.
  • You enjoy a deep peaceful state knowing your business and home are in complete alignment.
  • You quickly and naturally keep up with your unstoppable habits that allow you to stay balanced and in harmony.
  • You actually enjoy the parenting journey because you know that leading by example is the easiest way to parent.

What would it be worth to you, to feel like you are unstoppable?

Here's what it's meant to others...

Brooke N. (Corporate Executive and mom of 2 under 5)

“The best thing about Monica is that she meets you where you're at. She is not judgmental and understands that wellness is a journey - it's one she's been on herself. She will give you as little or as much guidance as you want, will push you if you desire that, and will work within what's possible for you and your lifestyle. She is incredibly knowledgeable. And, having gone through her own transformation, she knows first hand the ups, downs, wins and setbacks so she is uniquely qualified to partner with you to help you achieve your overall goals.”

Sheila A. (Mompreneur and Mother of 3)

“Monica has a gift for knowing at a high level what needs to be done to stay on track. She's kept me focused and always has brilliant ideas that inspire me to keep working on my goals. You can't go wrong working with Monica. She genuinely cares and will want you to succeed. When I have felt stuck, she's always the one who can put my thoughts into new words or she has me look at things from a different perspective that I hadn't thought of before. I can honestly say in every conversation I have with her, I have a new little  nugget I'm excited to implement that I know will help.”

By the end of Right From The StartLIVE Program you'll have:

  • Unstoppable thriving habits that fuel your drive, plate and home life.
  • A mompreneur that glows with self worth, confidence and deeper inner knowing that attracts prosperity and abundance.

Let's take a look at what's inside

Week 1:  BEcome your vision board 

Everything begins and ends from within. Activate your potential by leveraging the language of the brain to reprogram it to create your desired identity. 

Week 2:  Habit Based Wellness

Learning to create empowering and nonnegotiable habits that support your emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

Week 3:  Overcome your biggest roadblock 

Your mental chatter, disempowering self talk, judgement and critique get in the way of your success.  Transform this and you will transform your results. 

Week 4:  Put YOU First

You know this to be true but carry guilt or shame when you prioritize you...not any more!  

Week 5:  True Alignment

Life is easier when you don't feel the need to sacrifice your happiness, peace or ambitions while still being the present mama you want to be.  

Week 6: Empowered Motherhood

Release the limiting beliefs and mama myths you inherited to reclaim your mama experience on your own terms.  Rewrite your story.

Week 7:  Practical Mindfulness

Adopting a practice that actually works for your lifestyle as a busy high achieving mama.

Week 8:  Time Management Strategies

There is always enough time, when you realize it is all about reframing your circumstances. 

Week 9:  Intuitive Parenting

Discover your signature way to lead by example to make being a parent fun and authentic. 

Week 10:  Find your Joy 

Access the power of this emotion to fuel your drive, passion and home.

Week 11: Self Love + Compassion

Release and heal from your past to make space for prosperity, self acceptance and abundance. 

Week 12: REnewed Motherhood

How to take your newly transformed identity to the next level.  

You’ll really start to notice a difference in how great you feel after about six weeks because you will be healing from the inside out to create permanent change. 

It’s time for you to take back control and start feeling great again. Your new unstoppable self is waiting for you.  

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to ensure you become an unstoppable thriving mompreneur!

Bonus 1

Redefining Your Mamahood Mini-Course

Get out of guilt and overwhelm with this mini-course when you bust through the TOP 5 mamahood myths.

Along with the video mini-course, you’ll get access to my Private Thriving Mama Community.

Value = $97

Bonus 2

Calibrate Your Plate Program

Eliminate the guesswork on what to eat with my 12 weeks of DONE FOR YOU nutritionally balanced weekly menus with shopping lists and easy family friendly recipes.  PLUS you get 3 group monthly coaching calls that will be centered on holistic health and nutritional habits. 

Value = $397

Bonus 3

Mindfulness Masterclasses

Discover how you can tune into your natural capabilities and wellness with world-class leaders in breath work, mindfulness, and yoga.


Value = $497

Bonus 4

(3) 1:1 Sessions with Monica*

Accelerate your personal health transformation even faster with private personalized sessions.

You get one private 30-minute session per month during the course.

*Valid for the First 5 people who join Right From the Start and make the full investment.

Value = $997

Snag over $1,988 in bonuses when you get enrolled in Right From the Start™ LIVE Program. 

Here's what's included in the

Right From the Start™ LIVE Program:

With this program you'll get:

1. Twelve (12) Weekly One Hour Group Coaching Sessions

2. Twelve (12) Weekly Video Training Lessons with corresponding workbook

3. Daily Habit based text messages to help retrain your brain

4. Exclusive Members-only Voxer Group Community Chat - Great way to build connections with like minded moms without getting sucked into social media like Facebook Groups!

5. BONUS! Redefining Your Mamahood - Get out of guilt and overwhelm with this mini-course when you bust through the TOP 5 mamahood myths..

6. BONUS! Calibrate Your Plate - Done for You Whole Food Nutrition with 12 weeks of menus, shopping lists and recipes!  PLUS you get access to monthly group calls for additional support! 

7. BONUS! Mindfulness Masterclasses - Learn from 2 Master level experts in mindfulness, breathwork and meditation.

8. BONUS! 1:1 Sessions with Monica - For the first 5 to enroll, get a monthly :30 minute customized session.

Get on the Waitlist, Summer 2021 ENROLLMENT is coming soon! 

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Right From The Start Is NOT For Everyone.

This program is designed to get change for mompreneurs who are ready and serious about ditching burnout and become empowered, vibrant and balanced.  

It’s also for mompreneurs who are open to coaching and who are ready and willing to make permanent changes. 

This Program IS For You If:

You’re a high achieving mama

You want balance between your business and motherhood

Ready to make permanent changes

➔ Well-being is a value for you 

➔ You want to eliminate confusion and overwhelm regarding mealtimes

➔ You’ve struggled with headaches, poor sleep, acid reflux, digestive issues, or auto-immune disorders.

➔ You have kids or expecting

➔ Ready to end the burnout cycle

This Program Is NOT For You If:

➔ Don't believe or want to eat healthier

You want a short term fix

You are unwilling to try something new

Your health and your family’s health is not a priority

➔ You think you already know it all and are not open to coaching

➔ You enjoy being stressed out and overwhelmed

➔ You don’t believe in putting yourself first

Still Have Questions?

No problem - check out the most frequently asked ones below...

I've Got You Covered


I personally guarantee you will be satisfied with this program or your money back. Just reach out and let my team know you request a refund within 15 days after the program ends, and we will send your money back. 


I've Got You Covered


I personally guarantee you will be satisfied with this program or your money back. Just reach out and let my team know you request a refund within 15 days after the program ends, and we will send your money back.

👉 Yes! I'm Ready to Sign Up!

Transform Your Mama Experience 

You’re reading this for a reason, you want a better motherhood to support your ambitions, and a part of you knows that you’re ready to make the changes necessary.

Clearly, the things that you have tried before didn’t get you lasting results, or you wouldn’t be here. You don’t need some short term “fix”, you need a proven system to calibrate yourself for a thriving and balanced home and business lifestyle.

Join me!  

xox ~Monica