Transform your habits, Transform your life. 

I help you achieve the life, health and home you have always wanted but didn't believe was possible.  

Transform YOUR habits, Transform your life.

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Tired of making habits that just won't stick?

Do you think making changes is impossible?

My FREE audio series was created to help you use your brain power to achieve permanent changes right now! Your life is a series of habits, so transform your habits you can transform your life.


Does this sound familiar?

I am sick & tired! No matter how hard I try, I can't make new changes stick!

I have tried every diet, exercise and health hack and have zero results from all that effort! 

I am afraid of making mistakes and ruining my children. 

I am a mom so it's impossible for me to focus on my health while raising children.  

I get it, that was me too!

As a mama of two young boys, who felt lost, miserable and unable to lose weight despite being "healthy".

It wasn't until I reached my breaking point...I was 40lbs overweight, depressed and even questioned if I was cut out to be a mom.

But all of that changed, after the birth of my second son, Pablo!

I made the final decision to stop putting myself on the back burner and begin to put myself FIRST! 

By creating the right habits, I was able to not just lose the weight but keep it off for years!  I have created a new identity that supports my goals for a healthy life and family. 

Because I have done the work, invested in education from the best of the best in neuroscience and nutritional science - I know how to make and keep life long habits for good!   

I knew that I was destined to help every mama I could discover this for herself.   

As mamas we are NOT destined to struggle.  When you fully use the power of your biology to work for you, permanent transformation is easy!  

And this is how my signature method, Right From the Start™ was born...

The Right From The Start™ Method

Discover my easy 3-step method to achieve the life you have always wanted but didn't believe was possible while raising little humans:

  1. Fuel your plate: When you feel good, you can create the right habits and environment to support your desired outcome.
  2. Fuel your drive: Discover how to use your brain as a super-power to create permanent change.
  3. Fuel your family: Achieve a home life that helps you keep your renewed state of being. 


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Nice to Meet You!

I am Monica Lopera Nassar, creator of the Right From the Start™ method.

By combining my integrative nutrition and neuroscience background, I help mamas tap into their biology to create intuitive habits that transform their health, home life and child. 

As a mama, I know you are doing the best you can to be there for your family and little ones.  You sacrifice your health, mental and emotional thresholds to ensure everyone is taken care of EXCEPT you!  

I have been there and I can tell you that there is more to motherhood than just surviving. 

The moment I began to understand that the BEST way to show up for my family was to take care of myself FIRST - everything CHANGED. 

I am on a mission to make sure every mama is a thriving mama!

Healthy mamas raise happy kiddos!

When you master an intuitive sense of diet and habits, you are going to have more energy, sleep better and feel amazing every day - for the rest of your life. And when you do that, your children will thrive right from the start.


Brooke N. 

“The best thing about Monica is that she meets you where you're at. She is not judgmental and understands that wellness is a journey - it's one she's been on herself. She will give you as little or as much guidance as you want, will push you if you desire that, and will work within what's possible for you and your lifestyle. She is incredibly knowledgeable. And, having gone through her own transformation, she knows first hand the ups, downs, wins and setbacks so she is uniquely qualified to partner with you to help you achieve your overall goals.”

Liz H.

“Monica has introduced me to healthy habits that targeted specific health goals. Important goals for living a healthy, long life for me AND my growing family. Knowing what I know now- well, let's just say, I wish my own Mama had a Monica to turn to!

If one word could be used to persuade my family, fellow comrades or friends I have not met yet; it would be "Trust." Working with Monica, I have learned to trust in myself, trust my instincts and I've certainly learned that I can trust in her expertise.”