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Hello, I'm Monica, the founder behind the Right From the Start Method®.

My mission is to empower mothers in effortlessly cultivating improved health, happiness, and habits that nurture them from within.

Drawing from my previous role as a marketing executive, I recognize how deeply personal one's identity can be intertwined with our career achievements.

Having taken a dedicated sabbatical to raise my own boys, I came to understand the unspoken aspects of motherhood – the loss of identity, the quiet yearning for more than just the 'mom' role – the list is extensive.

The strain of perpetual survival mode in motherhood often translates to carrying extra weight, neglecting self-care, losing the sense of joy and fulfillment, and even harboring resentment.

However, motherhood doesn't have to follow that trajectory!

My Signature Method represents a more fulfilling approach to parenting, one that doesn't necessitate sacrificing your well-being, contentment, or aspirations.

Transform Your Journey Through Motherhood

The Right From the Start® Method: A comprehensive approach designed to prioritize your well-being as a parent, ensuring a smoother parenting experience. 

Do you often slip back into familiar patterns or struggle to make new changes last beyond a month?

You're not alone – the key lies in understanding that it's not your fault. What's missing is the right language that aligns your entire well-being with these new habits, paving the way for lasting and transformative change.

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Hi, I am Monica Lopera Nassar, creator of Right From the Start® Method designed to help mamas effortlessly create better health, happiness and habits to support her from the inside out.

As a former marketing executive, I understand how much your identity relies on your career and achievements. 

After taking a sabbatical to raise my boys full time, I realized there is so much you were not told about motherhood... like the complete loss of identity, feeling guilt for wanting more than just be mama, the list goes on...

A motherhood in constant survival mode manifests into excess weight, no effort for self care, loss of joy or happiness, feeling tired and unfulfilled and building resentment.

But motherhood doesn't have to be that way at all!

My Signature method is a BETTER way to parent that doesn't involve sacrificing your health, happiness or success.  

What makes my method transformative

The Right From the Start® Method is a 360 degree approach to create a motherhood that supports you from the inside out.

Do you find it easy to fall back into old patterns or behaviors? Does it feel impossible to make new changes stick for longer than 30 days! It is not your fault, you simply did not use the right language for your entire well-being to get on board with new habits which is the secret to permanent transformative change. 

You're ready to make positive changes that boost your overall well-being, improve your health, increase your happiness, and enhance your fulfillment.
Mama on a Mission
You are proud to call yourself a mama but do not identify as just a mom.  You have dreams for major making a large impact in the world! 
High Performer
Unafraid of doing the work to create massive changes to your life. Committed to results.  
Personal Development
is a priority
You are ready to put into REAL action all of the incredible trainings, books and podcasts you consume?  You are in the right place!

Putting YOU first not only benefits you

but your entire family!  

Putting YOU first not only benefits you

but your entire family!  

I am inspired to keep working on my goals...

"Monica has a gift for knowing at a high level what needs to be done to stay on track. She's kept me focused and always has brilliant ideas that inspire me to keep working on my goals. You can't go wrong working with Monica. She genuinely cares and will want you to succeed. When I have felt stuck, she's always the one who can put my thoughts into new words or she has me look at things from a different perspective that I hadn't thought of before. I can honestly say in every conversation I have with her, I have a new nugget I'm excited to implement that I know will help." - Shelia A.

A true partner who knows what it feels like to be a mama too...

“The best thing about Monica is that she meets you where you're at. She is not judgmental and understands that wellness is a journey - it's one she's been on herself. She will give you as little or as much guidance as you want, will push you if you desire that, and will work within what's possible for you and your lifestyle. She is incredibly knowledgeable. And, having gone through her own transformation, she knows first hand the ups, downs, wins and setbacks so she is uniquely qualified to partner with you to help you achieve your overall goals."  - Brooke N.

I can make my self care a priority without the guilt...

"Monica understands the realistic demands and challenges of motherhood and takes that into account when working with you. She is relatable, honest, smart, and passionate about her work."      - Jodi L.

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